Exhibit (Hall) A

Keep your head up and your eyes forward. Look straight ahead. Keep an even stride. Don’t pause, even for a second.

You hear those voices — “Hi! Let’s talk for a second!” “I have something I want to show you!”?

Ignore them! IGNORE THEM!

If you tilt your head or show interest for even a split second, she’ll know you are interested in her. Don’t show weakness. Focus on your goal. 

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Don’t wave hello! Did you just make eye contact? Great, now you have been sucked into her vortex, and she knows you like her. Fine, go talk to her. Why don’t you just give up loser? WASTE OF MY TIME!

OK, maybe I’m channeling the voices inside my head during my daily walk to English class in 7th grade as I carefully averted my eyes from my secret crush, but I’m actually going for something a little more relevant here as well.

Meet “Exhibit Hall Scott.”

I mean, I get it. Businesses that sell a service need to market themselves somehow, and one way to get in front of potential clients is to purchase booth space at a conference. Nonetheless, I always cringe when I have to make the walk down aisle after aisle while trying to find the bar, er, coffee table to get me through the day. It just feels, I dunno, icky.

(Shameless CMEpalooza Fall plug coming in 5…4…3).

On the flip side, there is nothing icky about the sponsors who have committed to be a part of CMEpalooza Fall. You can either visit them on the Sponsor tab or not (but of course you should). You can either click on their links to find out more about them or not (but of course you should). I mean, no pressure or anything (it’s not like Google is tracking every click of your mouse or anything).

Seriously, though, we’re thrilled that our initial wave of sponsors have recognized the value of CMEpalooza Fall as a non-icky alternative to the exhibit booth at live meetings.

So thank you to our Bronze Sponsors — CMEology, HighMarksCE, Impact Education, LLC, RedMedEd, and Vivacity Consulting, LLC. A big hug to our Silver Sponsor, Imedex. And a wet, sloppy kiss to our Gold Sponsor, Genentech.

Of course, we’re still happy to bring new sponsors into the fold, so for anyone interested in what we think about the value of a sponsorship, well sure, we have that too.

Now to hunt through Facebook for that girl who stopped me on my walk down the hallway. Surely she remembers me, right? Right?

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