Lunch/Snack/Breakfast With CMEpalooza

I was going to title this post Lunch With CMEpalooza but realized that that was showing a total east coast bias and considering this session is being sponsored by our Genentech colleagues on the west coast who would probably be having breakfast during this session, that seemed awfully inconsiderate. So in an effort to remain time zone neutral, I went with Lunch/Snack/Breakfast With CMEpalooza, which is pretty much a terrible title destined not to make anyone happy. Well done, Derek. Well done.

Anyhoo, there is a point to all this and that is to say that we have finalized the moderator and panel for our newly added Incorporating Learning Systems and Quality Improvement Into Continuing Medical Education session, scheduled for noon ET. Here are the details:

Lunchtime Panel Sponsored by Genentech
Incorporating Learning Systems and Quality Improvement Into Continuing Medical Education
This session will focus on ways in which quality improvement (QI) can be partnered with learning systems for the development of individual educational initiatives. Panelists will examine the drivers behind the increasing prominence of QI in CME and discuss the value it contributes to continuing professional development today and in the future.

Scott Weber, Co-CEO, Med-IQ

Alex Djuricich, MD, Associate Dean for CME, Indiana University
Catharine Smith, Vice President, Quality, Education and Meetings, Society of Hospital Medicine
Kathleen Moreo, RN-BC, CEO, PRIME Education

(Just between you and me…I’m sort of amazed at the people we are getting to speak on these panels. I’m not bragging about it, but…well, OK, I am a little, but it’s just because I’m really excited about the wide range of people who will be talking. Folks have been very generous with the donation of their time and Scott and I are both extremely grateful to everyone participating. But, I digress…)

Be sure to check out the full CMEpalooza Fall agenda and, as always, a big thank you to our sponsors for helping to make this all possible.

One thought on “Lunch/Snack/Breakfast With CMEpalooza

  1. I’m really looking forward to this session. It’s such a diverse representation of “stakeholders” and perspectives. Can’t wait to lunch with this group.

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