5 Questions With…Allison Gardner

Next up in our series of (short) interviews with each of the CMEpalooza Fall moderators is Allison Gardner, Vice President of Educational Strategy and Content at Med-IQ and moderator of the Have We Forgotten About the Content in Continuing Medical Education? session. Here are a few snippets from the interview:

On the future of CME:

I’m optimistic about the future of CME because there have been a lot of changes in healthcare and it’s a very dynamic landscape and I think that forces us out of our comfort zone to come up with really interesting platforms for our education.

On what she believes to be an important change in CME over the past 5 years:

I think there is a growing focus on putting the patient and patient perspective into education and making sure we’re including them in the fold of the team that’s making clinical decisions.

On why people should tune in to the Have We Forgotten About the Content in Continuing Medical Education? session:

What I hope will happen in this session is that we’ll get a great conversation going about how all the different panelists – in their different roles developing CME – how they tell a story, how they can make information interesting, and how they help make it stick.

You can watch the full interview below.

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