5 Questions With… Karen Roy

Today’s interview is with CMEpalooza Fall moderator Karen Roy, Principal of Ardgillan Group LLC. Karen has worked on both the supporter and provider side of CME, so she’ll bring an interesting perspective along with her Irish brogue to Publishing Outcomes Data: Tips and Tricks. This session is being supported by Genentech.

A few of the tastier snippets from her interview:

On what scares her about the future of CME:

Overall, I’m scared that we’ll get in a couple of different ways. The ongoing dialogue in the media and the press defending industry funding around CME is very tiresome. We obviously haven’t done enough to demonstrate the independence around CME that is supported by industry. We need to move the conversation from one around bias and independence to one showing impact and relevance.

On what she feels has been the most important change to CME in the last 5 years:

The emergence of new technology and innovation in educational design. What I have been pleased to see is that the things that we are working are not innovation for novelty’s sake, but are really based on adult learning principles and the ability to collect data.

On her vision for her CMEpalooza Fall session:

The dialogue around publications is really going to focus more on the how. I don’t know if we’re going to spend time on the why… There is a different skill set involved in writing publications for medical literature and manuscript publication than there is for (developing) slide decks or putting educational content together. That’s an important thing to explore.

You can watch the full interview below:

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