Introducing the MedPageToday Text Line

Several weeks ago I participated in a panel session on the topic of Breaking the Mold–Forward Thinking Teaching Models and Technology Advances at the CBI Independent Medical Education and Grants Breakthrough Summit. In preparation for that session, I conducted a poll on my The CME Guy Facebook page, asking individuals to share their preferred means of rapid, one-on-one communication. I got approximately 30 responses — and some folks went into extensive detail, even though it was supposed to be a simple multiple-choice selection — but it was quite clear that texting was far and away the most commonly preferred option (you can read the responses here).

As I read through all the responses, the gears in my brain shook off all the rust that had started to gather and slowly began to creak into action. They turned…and turned…and turned…and turned…and turned…and then...light bulb!: We should figure out a way for participants to text in questions to CMEpalooza!

The biggest issue I had with the first iteration of CMEpalooza was the lack of interaction between participants and faculty. There were a few questions sent in via the Google+ Q&A app and the #CMEpalooza Twitter hashtag, but some sessions had no questions and I had generally hoped for more. I knew going in to it that getting questions might be a struggle; the Q&A app requires users to have a Google+ account and Twitter usage in the CME community is not exactly robust.

That is why I am thrilled to announce the newly established MedPageToday Text Line. All participants of CMEpalooza Fall are encouraged to text any questions they have to 267-666-0CME (0263) and we will relay the questions to the panelists (standard texting rates apply, blah, blah, blah). Participants can still send in questions via the Q&A app or Twitter if they prefer, but I’m hopeful that the availability of a text line will give even more participants a level of comfort to send in their questions. Many thanks to MedPageToday for their sponsorship of CMEpalooza Fall and making this possible.

So remember: 267-666-0CME. 267-666-0CME. 267-666-0CME. Can someone make this into a catchy jingle for us?

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