Only Two Weeks Until CMEpalooza Fall? Holy Schnikes!

I woke up this morning and my first thought is now the title of this post (Blogging Rule #154: anytime one can work a Tommy Boy reference into the title of a blog post, one is required to do so). But, to be perfectly honest, everything is coming together quite nicely and we could do it today if need be (fortunately, need does not be, so we’ll stay with the planned date). There have been a few little A/V bumps during our training Hangout sessions with the panelists, but we have always been able to work out a solution and we should be good to go on the 15th.

In our final newsletter before CMEpalooza Fall (which you can read here), we cover what to expect during the program, answer a few common questions we have received over the past few months, and welcome our three newest sponsors – MedPageToday (a silver-level sponsor), along with Educational Measures and Mededicus (bronze-level sponsors). Give it a read if you haven’t had a chance to do so, yet.

One question we didn’t cover is when the archive of all the sessions will be available. In an ideal world, we will have the archive posted within 60 minutes of the session ending. That’s our ultimate goal. However, we do not live in an ideal world (as evidence, I submit to you that no one has yet merged Cool Ranch Doritos with Cheetos to create Cool Ranch Cheetos. That would only happen in an ideal world. But I digress…),  so the best I can say is that we hope to have up an archive within an hour of the session, but acknowledge that it might not happen that quickly if things get too chaotic. At most, they will be up within 24 hours, probably in a similar fashion as to how we did in March with the original CMEpalooza.

As always, feel free to contact Scott or I with any questions. Hope to see you all in two weeks!

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