Dates for Upcoming CMEpaloozas

Fine, nobody liked the poem I posted yesterday (I tried to convince Scott I was building up anticipation for the various CMEpalooza Spring announcements that are forthcoming. He wasn’t buying it.) So, lets just move on.

Here is announcement #1: the dates for both 2015 CMEpalooza Spring and Fall (This is, obviously, Scott’s doing. I break out in hives when I try to schedule something this far in advance.)

CMEpalooza Spring 2015: April 8, 2015
CMEpalooza Fall 2015: October 21, 2015

I suggest you call your local Hampton Inn right now, reserve a conference room, invite your entire office, project the CMEpalooza sessions onto a giant screen, and serve wings, hoagies (that’s a “sub” or “grinder” for you non-southeast Pennsylvanians), California rolls (for the vegetarians) and lots of coffee. But that’s just me. At the very least, do mark it in your calendars and plan to spend a little time with CMEpalooza on those dates.

Announcement #2 will be coming early next week and will cover the specifics of how we plan to develop the agenda for CMEpalooza Spring. It’s definitely a departure from how we planned CMEpalooza Fall 2014. I think you’re going to like it.

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