Abstract Specifics (Oxymorons Unite!)

Both Derek and I have the good (usually) fortune of being parents to young children. As any parent will tell you, one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences is watching your son or daughter develop their own personalities, their own interests, and their own identity.

While CMEpalooza doesn’t cry, complain, or beg to “Stay up just another 15 minutes, PLLLLEEEAASSSEEE,” watching as this new endeavor slowly matures and evolves has its own set of rewards. What started as an idea Derek thought up while eating his Count Chocula one morning has grown from a “do-it-myself-and-let’s-see-if-anyone-really-notices” thing to an event that is eagerly anticipated and guaranteed to reach a broad swath of the CME community.

So for those wondering if CMEpalooza Spring and Fall are happening again, yes, of course they are. The dates were released last week – Wednesday, April 8 and Wednesday, October 21. We’ve sent in our application to make these federal holidays so that everyone can enjoy the festivities without having to worry about pesky work getting in the way, but you might want to put a grueling all-day meeting into your calendars just in case the wheels of government move more slowly than we hope.

Here is what we have in store for our centerpiece Spring extravaganza (note: CMEpalooza Spring is different than CMEpalooza Fall. This is actually our second CMEpalooza Spring, though it was only called “CMEpalooza” the first time around because no one anticipated it would last long enough to have multiple versions).

What is staying the same:

  1. CMEpalooza Spring will continue to be free for our learning audience. This won’t change. Ever.
  2. We’ll still use Google Hangout On Air as our delivery platform, giving learners the ability to watch every session both in real time and upon its conclusion at their leisure.
  3. You’ll see presenters from a range of backgrounds and professional settings offering their thoughts and insights into our evolving world.

What is changing:

  1. It’s one day instead of two. Easier for the moderators and less of a hassle for learners
  2. The abstract application process has more defined guidelines. Last year, if you wanted in, you were in. We’re going to be a little more selective this year.
  3. The agenda is going to be crowdsourced by the CME/CE community. Unlike CMEpalooza Fall, Big Brothers (Derek and I) will not be deciding the topics and speakers.

Here is how the abstract process is going to work:

  1. If you are interested in leading a session for CMEpalooza Spring, click on the “Presenter” tab. That will take you to our online submission process. Creativity and innovation are strongly encouraged. We like to think that CMEpalooza is an out-of-the-box meeting so we are hoping for out-of-the-box sessions. There are full details on the “Presenter” page to give you a better sense of what we are looking for.
  2. Abstracts can be submitted until midnight on Friday, January 30.
  3. We will post details on all of the submitted abstracts somewhere on the website and open up voting on the agenda. You will be able to pick the top 4 or 5 sessions you’d like to be included in CMEpalooza Spring. The abstracts that get the most votes will get onto the agenda. Simple.
  4. We’ll contact those individuals who make the cut and put together the official schedule (and, obviously, we’ll make the announcement to the world via a Fox prime-time special right in the middle of American Idol)

Now it’s up to you. Think about what you’ve seen with the first year of CMEpalooza. Think about the Google Hangout platform and how it may be best utilized. Think about online education you’ve previously been a part of planning and how you can take the best of what you’ve worked on and put it into action.

We got comments and feedback from many of you on ways we can improve the experience, but our program is only as good as our presenters. We’ll post some more tips and hints in the coming weeks to try to get your creative juices flowing, and for those going to Dallas for the ACEHP meeting, we’ll be around (and don’t miss our session, Hanging with Mr. Google (On Air) Thursday at 1:15 p.m.) to answer questions and drum up excitement.

And now back to yelling at someone for hitting their sister.

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