Help Us Help You

The CMEpalooza Spring countdown is into the single digits (9 days from today!), which means that our presenters are starting to get serious thinking about their sessions. Derek and I aren’t meanies who require slides weeks and months in advance. Not that either of us has created a presentation on a plane the day before the event — no, of course not, not us — but we recognize that it happens sometimes. To other people. Not us. No, of course not.

Nonetheless, we are always impressed with those presentation teams who get their acts together weeks in advance and start coming up with a semi-formal agenda. One of those teams — our 3 p.m. ET session focused on Style and Substance:  The Evolution of Content Presentation in Medical Education — is asking for input from our prospective viewing audience to help guide their session.

If you can please take a few minutes to click on the following link —, you’ll be asked to review a few potential presentation components and complete a quick quiz. Consider it your personal favor to us for the day.

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