5 Minutes with… Karen Roy

It’s always nice when our CMEpalooza Spring participants dress up for their on-screen appearances. It’s even better when they fly in a stylist from Milan, employ a wardrobe coach to overhaul their closets, and spend thousands of dollars on sparkly new jewelry. Not that the latest victim (er, subject) of our “5 Minutes with…” series did any of that, but those of you who know Karen Roy will have to agree that she is the most stylish of our moderators yet. Apologies to everyone else who was vying for the crown.

Karen, who is Principal of the Ardgillan Group and a CMEpalooza 3-timer, is moderating our 3 p.m. ET session entitled “Style and Substance:  The Evolution of Content Presentation in Medical Education.” A few fun things you’ll learn during the course of our 5 minute-ish interview:

  • How close the world came to “Good morning, Miss Karen. I’ve got to go poop!”
  • Why we’re innovative in designing education and measuring outcomes, but stagnant in organizing and presenting content
  • The accent? It’s fake

Oh, and that’s a root beer in my hands folks! Though we’d be happy to have a sponsor come along who wants to have an “Official Beer of CMEpalooza.” I am sure we could come up with a very inexpensive arrangement.

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