Who Wants to Pecha Kucha?


That’s what I imagine 99% of you saying when you read this title. Either that or “What the heck’s a pecha kucha?” In a nutshell, Pecha Kucha is a lean, mean, fightin’ machine presentation method. It has three core concepts:

  1. 20 slides. Not 19. Not 21. Exactly 20.
  2. 20 seconds per slide. Same deal as above. Exactly 20. How many of you are already feeling squeamish? Just wait…
  3. Slides automatically advance. I love this!

That gives you a total presentation time of…um…6 minutes and 40 seconds? Something like that. Basically, the goal is to force presenters to strip down their presentations to their core essence and cut out the endless blabbing. Count me in!

The inventors of the Pecha Kucha format are two architects who developed it because (and I quote) “architects talk too much!” Sound familiar? It sounds gimmicky, but the streamlined format is an attempt to make presenters tell a story rather than just throw up some bullet points and talk at length about their data. Ultimately, they are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be both entertaining and informative. Kind of like CMEpalooza.



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