Shaking Off the Rust

With only about 6 weeks to go until CMEpalooza Fall and summer vacation officially over, our internal promotion team will be furiously working over the course of the next few weeks to give you a flavor of what to expect on Wednesday, October 21. Expect to see airplanes with colorful banners trailing behind in a city near you.

But first, we have our initial moderator interview with Erik Brady, PhD, CHCP, of Clinical Care Options ready to whet your appetite. The theme for this year’s interviews is “The Best and Worst of…” where you’ll hear a little bit about our moderators’ best (and worst) experiences in CME. This may entail a project that went fantastically well (or flopped miserably), a presentation of their own that rocked (or rolled), or something else along those lines. We give people latitude to interpret the theme as they see fit.

During these interviews, we’ll also be knocking off a little bit of the rust from our production team, as you may note from some of the spotty camerawork. Hey, that’s what you get when these are recorded the day before a holiday weekend.

Derek’s Commodore 64 finally crapped out so he was unable to join us for this broadcast, but in happier news, if you are in the market for a circa-1987 floppy disk drive, he’ll sell you one for cheap!

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