CMEpalooza Fall is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, October 21, 2015, that will feature a series of panel-based discussions relevant to a broad scope of CME professionals. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

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9:00 AM ET
You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get What You Need (From Faculty) (Click here to view archive)
Sponsored by CTI Meeting Technology (formerly Coe Truman Technologies/WEBGES)
Faculty who participate in continuing education programs are generally very busy people with many competing professional responsibilities, and, unfortunately, we’re often not high on their personal totem pole. So how do you make sure you are prepared to maximize your faculty interactions? In this session, our panel will focus on topics such as setting appropriate expectations, preparing for planning calls, and strategies to maintain a productive dialogue with faculty throughout the course of a project.

Sandy Bihlmeyer, MEd, CME Faculty Strategist, American Academy of Family Physicians

Denise LaTemple, PhD, Director of Scientific Services, RedMedEd
Anne Jacobson, MPH, CHCP, Freelance Medical Writer
Eve Johnson Wilson, PhD, CHCP, ELS, Freelance Medical Writer

10:00 AM ET
Why Did My Grant Request Get Rejected? (Click here to view archive)
Sponsored by Imedex
This is a challenging question frequently asked by many in the CME/CE community. For this session, we have gathered together individuals from a variety of commercial supporters to discuss common pitfalls of declined grant proposals and highlight what they look for in “successful” requests. This will be a learner-driven session guided by questions submitted from the CME/CE community about the  grant proposal/review process. Stay tuned for a survey asking for your questions in the very near future!

Angelo Carter, Associate Director, Independent Medical Education, Novo Nordisk

Riaz Baxamusa CHCP, MBA, Senior Grant Manager, Astellas Pharma 
Michael Reilly, Director, Medical Education, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Amanda Fetterly Stein, Director/Grant Officer, Independent Grants for Learning & Change, Pfizer

11:00 AM ET
Preparing for Tomorrow’s Learners… Today (Click here to view archive)
The demographics of the healthcare professional workforce, their professional and personal demands, and evolving technologies are quickly converging to create a new “face” of our learning audience. So what does the workforce of the future look like, and how might they want their professional education delivered? In this session, our panel will look at demographic trends among healthcare professionals and dive into recent research that provides insight into these areas, while also offering advice for organizations planning for future delivery methods of professional education.

Alyce Kuklinski, NP, RN, General Manager, Clinical Care Options

Sophie Peloquin, Performance Improvement Researcher, AXDEV Group
Patrick Alguire, Senior Vice President, Medical Education, American College of Physicians
Kim Huggins, Senior Principal, CLG

Session Sponsored by PlatformQ Health Education
Expanding the Focus: Patient Education from CME Providers (Click here to view archive)
This session will explore the growing interest and demand for patient education in an historically healthcare provider-focused field. What are the drivers behind this growth, the barriers we need to overcome as a community, and the potential impact? Perspectives will be shared from a medical education chairperson/frequent CME faculty member, a commercial supporter, and a patient advocate.

Wendy Turell, DrPH, CHCP, Senior Director, Outcomes and Analytics, PlatformQ Health Education

Richard Beaser, MD, Chair, Professional Education/CME Committee, Joslin Diabetes Center
John Scott, CHCP, Senior Manager Educational Manager, Medical Education & Research Grants, Genentech
Sarah Krüg, Founder, Health Collaboratory, Executive Director, Society for Participatory Medicine, CEO, Cancer 101 Foundation

1:00 PM ET
Session Sponsored by Genentech
More Than Moore’s: Alternate Methods to Measure and Reports Outcomes Data (Click here to view archive)
Since the initial publication of Dr. Donald Moore’s 7 Levels of CME Outcomes in 2003, this framework has often been cited as the industry standard for reporting results of educational initiatives. But what happens when this framework doesn’t fit and you want to use an alternate, more appropriate method for a given initiative? Will supporters even allow an alternate method of measurement?

Erik Brady, PhD, CHCP, Director of Analytics, Reporting, and Outcomes, Clinical Care Options

John Ruggiero, PhD, MPA, CHCP, Group Manager, Genentech, Medical Education & Research Grants
Derek T. Dietze, MA, FACEHP, CHCP, President, Improve CME, LLC
Brandee Plott, CHCP, Social Media Marketing Consultant and Content Creator, Haymarket Medical Education

2:00 PM ET
CME Pecha Kucha (Click here to view archive)
Sponsored by Educational Measures
Pecha Kucha: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, slides auto-advance. In a departure from the typical CMEpalooza panel format, five (brave) presenters are taking on this challenging, stripped-down presentation format as a way to share some of their best practices. This one’s gonna be fun…

Mike LoPresti, Sr. Director, Medical Education, Global Academy for Medical Education
The Evolution of Data Use in CME
Audrie Tornow, CHCP, Senior Director, CME, Paradigm Medical Communications
The Bards of CME: Where Would We Be Without Patient Stories?
Erica Klopp, Director, Continuing Medical Education, Reading Health System
Marrying CME and Quality
Jacob Coverstone, Director, Chairman, 2016 ACEhp Annual Conference
Preparing Your Audience for the Future: Patients Who Provide Practical, Precise, and Personal Data
Alex Djuricich, MD, Associate Dean for CME, Indiana University
What CE Providers Should Know about ‘Tweeting the Meeting’

3:00 PM ET
Grand Rounds in the 21st Century: Fixing the Historical Model (Click here to view archive)
Sponsored by Paradigm Medical Communications
Many hospitals of all shapes and sizes are struggling to maintain interest in their grand rounds series across specialties. The idea of “a speaker, a slide deck, and a donut” simply is not working any longer. So does that mean that grand rounds are dead? Not necessarily. This session will take a look at how several hospitals and hospital systems are reinventing their grand rounds to breathe new life into the traditional model and improve the experience both for faculty and learners.  

Advance Session Content:
Presentation Slide Deck
Suggested readings

Annette Donawa, PhD, Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Tymothi Peters, Director, Continuing Medical Education, University of California San Francisco
Josh Snead, Product Development Manager, Oakstone Publishing

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