Putting Our Toe Into the Flipped Classroom

Here at CMEpalooza headquarters (don’t even try to get past security), we’re big fans of innovation in education. Not that innovation is always successful, but you never make progress by standing still. Consequently, when the panelists for the anchor session of CMEpalooza Fall entitled “Grand Rounds in the 21st Century: Fixing the Historical Model,” approached us with an idea to try a “flipped classroom” session, we were all for it.

The logic behind a flipped classroom activity is sound – you provide materials to learners in advance so that they have something to think about and mentally prepare for the upcoming education. In practice, our experience has been mixed. Obviously, there is no way to ensure that learners will look at or think about your session before it begins, although there is nothing wrong with putting materials out there in the hope that they will.

We’ll see how it goes.

There are currently reference materials that can be accessed by participants prior to this specific session – these are on the fall agenda page next to this session listing, and we’ll also provide them here for you. Participants can review the presentation slides and review the suggested readings in advance. The hope is that participants will at least glance at these materials and be prepared to actively engage with our panel.

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