The Best and Worst of… Sandy Bihlmeyer

Like any mature, sophisticated man, nothing brings out the 4-year-old in me like some good potty humor. And so, while recording our moderator interview with Sandy Bihlmeyer, MEd, you can imagine my level of excitement when she started talking about a “hands-in” (her phrase, not mine) educational initiative focused on digital rectal exams.

The awful puns continued with things like “without further adieu-doo,” “butts in the seats,” and other gems. Feel free to come up with other inappropriate lines and add them to our comments if you want to entertain yourself.

Alas, the session Sandy is moderating, our kickoff to CMEpalooza Fall entitled “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get What You Need (From Faculty),” is unlikely to be quite so juvenile, so you’ll have to get your chuckles out now while you can.

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