A Slow Tease

We know. The minutes are ticking by slowly. It’s agonizing. Tick, tick, tick…

Alas, while we have many powers at CMEpalooza headquarters (Derek leads a Sound of Music singalong today at 3 p.m. in the lobby), we can’t control the flow of time. So you’ll just have to wait until 9 a.m. ET tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 21) to get your full dose of education.

In the meantime, though, several of our panels have put together materials you can devour in advance of their discussion which might better inform the discussion and any possible questions that come from the audience.

Here is a compilation:

Best Practices in Faculty Management – Tips and tricks to get you ready for our 9 a.m. ET session, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get What You Need (From Faculty)”

Generational Shift in the Physician Workforce: What Are the Implications for CME – The folks at Clinical Care Options put this whitepaper together earlier in the year. It’s a great introduction to our 11 a.m. ET session, “Preparing for Tomorrow’s Learners… Today”

Slides and Suggested Readings on the Evolution of Grand Rounds – The panel for our session at 3 p.m. ET entitled “Grand Rounds in the 21st Century: Fixing the Historical Model” put together a whole slew of materials to get interested individuals up to speed on the issues they’ll be discussing.

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