Archive Update & Something Weird

This is a tale of two men.

One of the men — let’s call him, oh, how about…Skott? — used his downtime after CMEpalooza Fall to do something productive. Skott was a busy beaver and updated the CMEpalooza archive by taking all of the new CMEpalooza Fall sessions and adding them to the archive page by category. Good job, Skott!

If you’ve never had a chance to check out the archive page, you really should, especially if you have a particular topic you’re interested in. Need a refresher on educational design? There are eleven sessions you can watch. Suddenly thrust into the role of “outcomes expert” at your organization? Get a crash course in outcomes from the fourteen(!) sessions housed in the archive. It’s a pretty handy resource.

The other man — let’s call him Erek for anonymity’s sake — used his extra free time to write a 3000 word CMEpalooza-themed ghost story supposedly based on the events that transpired the night before CMEpalooza Fall. Erek is a bit of a wacko and admits that this may not have been the best use of his time. Skott just thinks it’s weird. In his defense, Erek would like to point out that he once wrote an even longer story about a hard-boiled CME Detective, so this should come as no surprise to anyone. He has posted a link to it here for those bored enough to take a gander.

Both of these men would like to once again thank everyone who participated in last week’s successful CMEpalooza Fall and wish you all a Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Archive Update & Something Weird

  1. Having met Skott a bunch of times, but not Erek (yet), I will take the liberty to say that you are 2 refreshingly unique and dedicated men and I enjoyed reading the Tale of Two Men.

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