CME Puntua Lortu

Sometimes, I have ideas that work (yay CMEpalooza! 🙂 ).

Sometimes, I have ideas that don’t work (poor CMEpalooza Spotlight 😦 ).

Sometimes, I have ideas that work…until I get an email telling me it’s been copyrighted and if I want to keep doing it, I need to do A, B, C, and D (and D = $$$).

Yes, the PechaKucha police finally caught up to Scott and I — the Bonnie and Clyde of CME (Scott’s Bonnie, of course) — and have put an end to our scofflaw ways. CME PechaKucha is no more.

I’m being a bit dramatic. We received a very friendly email from someone with the PechaKucha organization (I didn’t know there was an organization) telling us that “PechaKucha” is, in fact, copyrighted (I didn’t know it was copyrighted) and that we could continue to call it a PechaKucha if we changed a few things and gave a donation to the organization. I’m sure it’s a very nice organization, but neither Scott nor I saw much point in the donation and we weren’t big fans of their changes, either. Ultimately, we decided to put an end to CME PechaKucha. We had a good run (cue a rousing version of “Danny Boy”).

In place of CME PechaKucha, I’d like to introduce our newest idea — CME Puntua Lortu! Yes, we’re very excited about CME Puntua Lortu and we think you will be, too. I’ve included a quick little FAQ to help introduce it.

How is CME Puntua Lortu different than CME PechaKucha? Well, we are using the words “Puntua Lortu” — which are not copyrighted — in place of the words “PechaKucha” — which are copyrighted. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

What the heck does “Puntua Lortu” mean? When I was a boy, my Spanish grandfather used to set me on his knee and ask me what I had learned that day in school. I would go on and on and on, telling him about my day with extremely long-winded stories. He would look at me, and with his thick Basque accent say, “Derekimo! Puntua Lortu! (Get to the point!)” I thought it was an apt phrase for a presentation style that is all about getting to the point.

(OK, I made that story up. I thought it sounded better than the real story, which is that I put “get to the point” in Google Translate and checked different languages until I found one that sounded cool. Basque won.)

Who will be presenting during CME Puntua Lortu? We have a great group of folks lined up. The title of their presentations may change between now and CMEpalooza Spring, but this is what we have for now:

Designing Information with Impact
Bhaval Shah, PhD, infograph-ed, LLC.

Walking the Talk
Don Harting, Harting Communications LLC

The Fallacy Fallacy in Medical Literature
Bonny P. McClain, Data & Donuts

A Pecha Kucha Approach to CME Project Management
Venkata (Raja) Akunuru, CHCP, PMP, DLC Solutions and EthosCE LMS

7 Minutes in CPD Heaven – A Sprint through the 2016 ACEHP Annual Meeting
Ted Singer, PVI, PeerView Institute for Medical Education 

For those of you who are waiting to see what else is on our Spring agenda, it’s coming soon. Promise.

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