Take a Gander: Our CMEpalooza Spring Agenda

(Trumpets blare)

Hear ye, hear ye!

By the order of King Scott and Derek, our Court Jester (congratulations on your recent promotion from Fool), I am proud to announce that the official agenda for CMEpalooza Spring (Wednesday, April 6) is now available on our Spring tab. No need to register or provide us with your email address — simply click on the link and voila!, there it is.

It’s another stellar agenda (if we do say so ourselves) with a nice combination of CMEpalooza newcomers and veterans who will be stepping to the plate. We were able to fit the six top vote getters from our crowdsourcing efforts into the agenda, along with our Puntua Lortu session that Derek wrote about yesterday. You’ll be hearing much more about all of our session in the run up to our Spring broadcasts.

You may notice that the agenda starts at 10 a.m. ET instead of our usual 9 a.m. start time. That’s because we’re still holding open our kickoff slot in case a second Gold sponsor comes forward to snag it (Genentech is sponsoring the lunchtime session), so if your organization is interested, please let us know. Otherwise, extra sleep for me, so it’s really a win-win either way.

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