A Sneak Peak with… Erik Brady

When Dr. Erik Brady stunned the CME world by announcing that he was moving to the ivory towers of academia (he is now the Director of Graduate Education Programs at Wake Forest University), we thought we had seen the last of him in the world of CMEpalooza.

No such luck.

(I kid, I kid)

One of the seasoned veterans of our events, Erik is back this Spring to lead a panel of 3 experts who will bring a variety of perspectives to the topic of “No Hail Mary’s Required: Novel Ways to Use Data for Continual Program Assessment.” Erik recently joined us – bow tie and all – to offer some brief insight into what learners can expect from the session in the video below.

Erik and his co-presenters are also hoping for some insight regarding program assessment from the broader CME community and have made a short, 5-question survey available for everyone here. Please help them out folks.

And don’t forget: For everyone attending this week’s World Congress on Continuing Professional Development, our #CMEpalooza Challenges start tomorrow (Thursday) morning! Follow Derek and/or I or Twitter (@thecmeguy and @medcasewriter) to follow along and win some money!

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