Thursday’s #CMEpalooza Challenge Fun Facts

Day 1 of the #CMEpalooza Challenge is in the books.

Here is a recap of the challenges, our sponsor fun facts, and the winners. Several of the challenges went unclaimed, so for those of you at the World Congress of Continuing Professional Development, take a look and feel free to complete any of the outstanding challenges to win your $10 Amazon gift card.

We’ll be throwing out a number of additional challenges starting at 9 a.m. PT today.

CMEpalooza Challenge #1
1st to show @ their completed NCAA basketball bracket wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: CMEology, located in the childhood hometown of Wavy Gravy, the “official clown” of the Grateful Dead, has shown CME saves healthcare costs!
Winner: Riaz Baxamusa

CMEpalooza Challenge #2
Challenge: Find @ & tell him one #1 seed in NCAA tournament
Sponsor Fun Fact: Vivacity Consulting, in sunny CA, utilizes technology similar to that used by #CMEPalooza to communicate with clients all over the world
Winner: Audrie Tornow

CMEpalooza Challenge #3
Challenge: 1st to sing to @ the first 8 words of Greatest American Hero theme song wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: At Forefront Collaborative, on certain holidays (like St. Patty’s Day!) leadership caters a 4pm beer cart in appreciation of our hard work.
Winner: Still up for grabs!

CMEpalooza Challenge #4
Find @ and tell him who sang The Final Countdown.
Sponsor Fun Fact: Primary Care Network will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017 and has educated more than 150,000 HCPs and awarded over 240,000 CME certificates
Winner: Tracy Bunting-Early

CMEpalooza Challenge #5
Challenge: 1st to punch @ in the right arm (any amount of force is fine) wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: 
PlatformQ Health Education was named as an homage to Québec by the company’s founder Robert Rosenbloom. The “PQ” from PlatformQ is also the provincial code of Québec (“Province du Québec”) used in the Canadian Post.
Winner: John Juchniewicz

CMEpalooza Challenge #6
Challenge: Find @ and tell him color of ‘s shirt.
Sponsor Fun Fact: As reflected in the Latin roots of its name, Vindico “delivers” high-quality CME/CE.
Winner: Theresa Barrett

CMEpalooza Challenge #7
1st to tell @ the name of Mike Seaver’s best friend in Growing Pains wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: What do you get if you cross an ivy league school academic and an irish story teller?  Beauty and form in your data! #infograph-ed
Winner: Still up for grabs!

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