Friday’s #CMEpalooza Challenge Fun Facts

Six more #CMEpalooza Challenges on day 2 of the World Congress on Continuing Professional Development and a bunch more winners of $10 Amazon gift cards. We’ll figure out some sort of adapted promotion next week for any challenges that go unclaimed, if only to give people who couldn’t be in San Diego a chance to share in the loot.

Today is the final day of the Congress, with three final challenges on the docket, so still plenty of reasons to watch us on Twitter.

CMEpalooza Challenge #1
1st to attend the 9:30 a.m. generational talk and define “millennial” for presenters wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: Be the first to define “millennial” at the generational learning session led by Clinical Care Options at 9:30 am Friday
Winner: Someone one, but Derek was not nosy enough to get her name. His pay will be docked accordingly.

CMEpalooza Challenge #2
Challenge: 1st one to find @MedCaseWriter and give him a high five wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: With over 25 years in medical education, RMEI saw the Sunshine regulations on meals coming. Our wall of vintage “boxed lunches” proves it!
RMEI Vintage Lunch Box Wall
Winner: Ronald Murray

CMEpalooza Challenge #3
1st to come to our 11 am session and ask a question using the word “aardvark” wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: With 3 out of every 4 employees women, at ACHL, CME stands for “Continual Maternity Exoduses”
Winner: Derek Dietze

CMEpalooza Challenge #4
Challenge: 1st to find @MedCaseWriter and have him sign your name badge wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: For Audrie Tornow of Paradigm, irony is having been a hospital volunteer filing medical records as a teenager, and working in CME now
Winner: Jeanne Cole

CMEpalooza Challenge #5
Challenge: 1st to tell @thecmeguy the name of the first “Survivor” winner wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: Global Academy for Medical Education, sister company of Frontline Medical Communications, has been a developer of CME/CE activities for 20 years
Winner: Still up for grabs

CMEpalooza Challenge #6
Challenge: First person to give @MedCaseWriter a piece of candy wins
Sponsor Fun Fact: At the end of 2015, mobile devices finally overtook the desktop as the predominant mode of clinician access to @PeerView‘s online educational activities
Winner: Still up for grabs

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