Another Real* CMEpalooza Inquiry

In the bowels of CMEpalooza history emerge the details – we first hired temporary help only to man the phones on the weekends before our events, then we taught our fearless crew a year later to multitask by adding in the need to respond to email.

This year, for the first time we are requiring that our temps ($15.01 per hour, just to stay one step ahead of you, California) perform three tasks with their usual aplomb – answering phones, responding to emails, and perusing Twitter conversations.

Just trying our best to stay up with the times.

As a service to our loyal community, we thought we’d share with you one of the dozens of CMEpalooza-related conversations that took place in the Twittersphere over the weekend to get you prepared for our Spring extravaganza on Wednesday, April 6.

As always, this is a transcript from a real* conversation that took place over the weekend.

(* = not real)

@EBW2005: My dad told me I could skip school on Wednesday if I watch CMEpalooza instead. I don’t even know what CMEpalooza is. Can someone help?

@CMEpalooza: We’re the premier online event for CME/CE professionals, with 7 hours of live broadcasts during our Spring event on April 6.

@EBW2005: What’s a CME/CE professional?

@CMEpalooza: We educate doctors, nurses, and other practicing healthcare professionals.

@EBW2005: Education is boring.

@CMEpalooza: Doesn’t have to be. We’ll show you ways some people are creating education that is a little more interesting. You can share what you learn with your teachers.

@EBW2005: How much does it cost to watch? My dad cut my allowance to $0.50 a week. He’s kind of a cheapskate.

@CMEpalooza: Good news for you then. CMEpalooza Spring is free. Always has been, always will be. You can save your allowance for something important, like candy.

@EBW2005: Candy messes with my braces. OK, so free. Free is good. How do I watch this CMEpalooza thing?

@CMEpalooza: Just go to the LIVE tab on our website starting at 10 a.m. ET. You can look at the agenda on our Spring tab. Every time a new session is ready to begin, go the LIVE tab and click the refresh button.

@EBW2005: What if I want to eat lunch or play a video game for, like, 12 consecutive hours? My dad would never know – he’s kind of clueless.

@CMEpalooza: That’s OK. Every CMEpalooza session gets archived as soon as it’s over on the Archive tab. You can come back and watch whatever session you want when it’s over.

@EBW2005: Are the archived sessions free, too?

@CMEpalooza: They are.

@EBW2005: Sounds like quite the money-making machine for you guys.

@CMEpalooza: We’ll ignore that comment.

@EBW2005: Hmm, I don’t know. They are supposed to be serving Pizza Boat in the cafeteria for lunch. You sure this CMEpalooza thing is worth it?

@CMEpalooza: Up to you. We’re all for the value of school, but you’ll learn a lot from our Spring event too. Maybe you can sell it to your teachers as an extra credit project.

@EBW2005: Fat chance of that. If it’s not about “preparing for the test,” they don’t care.

@CMEpalooza: In case it matters, there is no test with CMEpalooza. We have a survey, but it’s optional.

@EBW2005: OK, so free, check out the agenda, watch live or in the archives. Anything important I am missing?

@CMEpalooza: I don’t think so. You might want to watch a previous session from the Archives in advance to get a sense of what our sessions look like.

@EBW2005: That sounds like homework. I don’t do homework.

@CMEpalooza: You must be one of Warnick’s kids.



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