A Little Something to Get Your Blood Boiling

Poor Derek.

There are few things in life that get him excited – the prospect of his beloved Philadelphia 76ers winning more than 20 games this season, a 24-hour Quantum Leap marathon on the Sci-Fi Network, signing a petition to remove green clovers from boxes of Lucky Charms.

And Puntua Lortu. Don’t forget that.

In case you have been sleeping (or ignoring us), Puntua Lortu is Derek’s CMEpalooza pet project. Introduced as Pecha Kucha last fall and then reborn as Puntua Lortu in the spring, it’s our session where presenters are put under the heat lamp and asked to do a lightning-round presentation with 20 slides that auto-advance every 20 seconds.

It’s 6 minutes of your life that you’ll never forget… if you dare to be bold enough (queue the eerie Scooby Doo music).

But the session only happens if people stand up and are willing to give it a go. We’re still looking for a few abstracts to fill out our Fall roster, and you’ve got until July 29 (that’s next Friday) to cobble something together. What’s a good topic? I dunno – that’s up to you. Something that is simple and straightforward and compelling. Tell a story. Do an impression. Pantomime.

Surely you’ve seen all of the other cool people involved and interesting topics we’ll be talking about at our Fall event. Join us, and them. Before Derek starts crying again and curling up in a fetal position. It’s not pretty – trust me.

Click here to submit your Puntua Lortu abstract

2 thoughts on “A Little Something to Get Your Blood Boiling

  1. I’m disturbed at the mental image of Derek in distress but I regret that I do not have a Puntua Lortu to give. Do not become disheartened, Derek. I believe someone will step up to the free throw line and sink a couple of shots on behalf of your beloved 76ers. (See what I did there?)

    1. Everyone has a Puntua Lortu in them. It’s just a matter of picking up the ball, dribbling it around, weaving through the defense, and throwing down a vicious slam dunk. I have no idea how that analogy fits into this topic, but I’m just trying to keep up here.

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