Exposing the Lies About Sponsoring CMEpalooza Fall

In this cycle of “he said/she said” divisiveness where tall tales linger around every corner, it can be extremely difficult separating truth from all the lies. Unfortunately, in recent weeks, Derek and I have been slandered with CMEpalooza sponsor-related rumor and innuendo, and much as we hate to rake muck with the dregs of society, we feel that’s it’s time to speak up. Most of this information you can find for yourself on our Sponsor tab, but to save you time and energy, I’ll do the dirty work for you.

Here is the truth behind the vicious lies:

  1. You have one – and only one — sponsorship option. Baloney! There are three primary levels of sponsorship for CMEpalooza Fall – gold, silver, and bronze. As you move up the rungs, you get more for your money. We also offer sponsorship of our CMEpalooza text line and are always open to other innovative sponsorship suggestions (though we’ve never gotten one of those… yet). You can find out all of the specific details in our short Sponsor prospectus.
  2. All of the premier levels of sponsorship are gobbled up quickly. Bollocks! While we have 1 Gold and 4 Silver sponsors locked in for CMEpalooza Fall, there are currently sponsorship opportunities at every level. It’s all there for the taking people!
  3. No reputable organizations sponsor CMEpalooza. Poppycock! I guess it’s up to you to determine how “reputable” our sponsors truly are, but the 19 organizations who have currently aligned themselves with our Fall event come from a variety of different segments of our industry. They can’t all be flimflam artists, can they?
  4. If you don’t sponsor CMEpalooza at least 3 months prior to each event, you’ve lost your chance at visibility. Malarkey! While the sooner you confirm your sponsorship with us, the sooner you get listed on our Sponsor site, we regularly attempt to drive traffic to all of our sponsors. Of course, the most eyes come on the day of our CMEpalooza broadcasts themselves, so even coming in the day before will give you plenty of visibility.
  5. You guys don’t do anything creative to drive attention to your sponsors. Preposterous! Surely you remember our Fun Fact Challenge from the Spring where we gave away nearly $400 in Amazon gift cards. For the Fall (big announcement alert), we’ve got the Sponsor Scavenger Hunt coming up. Details coming later. It’ll be like that Pokemon thingie, but better (note from Derek: My 12-year-old strongly disagrees).
  6. It’s too hard to sponsor CMEpalooza. Horsefeathers! In fact, nothing could be easier. Just send Derek or I an email indicating which level of sponsorship you are interested in committing to and we’ll let you know what information we need from you (ie, company logo, description, etc.). For many sponsors, they make the formal commitment and have their sponsorship up on our site the same day. Yeah, yeah, we’re good like that.
  7. It’s too expensive to sponsor CMEpalooza. Rubbish! Our bronze-level sponsorships cost only $500 – that’s $1.37 a day for 1 year. I mean, really people.

I hope that was helpful. Naysayers, consider yourselves exposed.

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