Turning the Page and Turning Your Attention (to Us)

When the calendar moves over into August, it’s often a bittersweet time. Yes, it’s still summer, but you can see the warning lights on the horizon – the nights are getting shorter, your favorite baseball team has thrown in the towel on another season, and the “BACK TO SCHOOL SALE: YOUR CHILD NEEDS THIS $75 LUNCHBOX OR ELSE HE’LL GET BEATEN UP AT RECESS!” flyers start to jam your mailbox.

From a work perspective, August’s arrival means that things are soon going to get serious again. No longer is your inbox going to be filled with messages that read, “I am currently on vacation and will not be checking email for the next month. I know you probably have a deadline you need to meet, but it’s the summertime, pal. I’m well into my 5th margarita of the day. Go away.” Instead, things will actually start to get done again, which is admittedly kinda nice.

Here at CMEpalooza headquarters, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to the lifeguards at our rooftop Olympic-sized pool as we start getting serious about our Fall meeting. Fortunately, we’ve been getting ready for a while. Unlike many other folks, the summertime is not “shut-it-down” time for us, not with our crack summer interns yearning to stuff more envelopes, send more Snapchats, and find every friggin’ Pokemon that they can on our expansive, 300-acre campus.

Here is what you have been missing in the last few weeks while applying your SPF 80:

  • Our Fall agenda is out. We’re trying out a bunch of new formats and bringing to you a cadre of new presenters. It’s gonna be awesome.
  • The deadline for our Puntua Lortu session has passed. Derek is busy qualifying and quantifying the merits of the thousands of submissions he received. You should soon see who has been lucky enough to be chosen.
  • Our Sponsor page is filling up. We’re up to 1 Gold sponsor, 3 Silver sponsors (1 more is coming soon), and 13 Bronze sponsors (several more to be added shortly). Believe it or not, sponsorships remain available at every level, though if you are interested in joining us at one of our more premier levels, there are only a few spots left. More coming soon on sponsorships, and our special plans to provide added exposure for those organizations wise enough to align themselves with CMEpalooza with a neat little activity in September.
  • Our Archive is bigger than ever. You can view and learn from every session that has ever been presented at CMEpalooza in its history. For free. Whenever you want.

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