It’s Time for CMEpalooza Bingo!!

Admit it – when you attend live events, there is nothing more fun than picking up one of those game cards at the registration desk that require you to visit a certain number of sponsors, engage in mindless chitchat as you feign interest in their organization, and then politely ask for a stamp to complete your card so you can enter to win an outdated iPad from 2012 (maybe still in the box, maybe “slightly used”).

Wait, you don’t enjoy that? It’s not fun counting the seconds until it’s polite to excuse yourself from uncomfortable sales pitches? Huh, I had no idea.

Here at CMEpalooza headquarters, where we start every day with the Pledge of Allegiance (yes, we all remember the words), we’re all about making our audience comfortable while encouraging them to learn something and perhaps have a little fun in the process.

That’s why today we’re happy to announce the debut of CMEpalooza Bingo!!, our latest creative salvo to bring joy into your days and free money into your wallets. No awkward conversations, no minutes wasted waiting for stamps or stickers from exhibitors — just a little solo research on your own time to learn a little about the sponsors for CMEpalooza Fall (reminder: broadcasting live on Wednesday, October 19).

Here is how CMEpalooza Bingo!! works:

  • There are a few documents you’ll need to download and/or print out — The bingo card, the question sheet, and the answer form. Don’t worry – we’ve compiled these into one document that you can print out or download. You can get everything you need by clicking on this link. If you want the CMEpalooza Bingo!! Answer Form as a Word document you can write on, we’ve got that right here for you.
  • On the bingo card, you’ll see that each CMEpalooza Fall sponsor has been assigned a specific slot (there are a few CMEpalooza slots to fill out the card). Each slot has coordinates listed in the upper left-hand corner. This is important to note as you are filling out the Answer Form.
  • To get the answer to the questions, you’ll probably need to visit some of our sponsor websites. You can find direct links to all of them on the CMEpalooza Fall sponsor page.
  • We’re not cruel, so we won’t make you complete the entire card. Simply make one Bingo by answering 5 questions that complete either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line (just like, you know, as in a Bingo game). Feel free to visit any additional sponsor sites if you really want to, but it’s not mandatory.
  • Fill out the Answer Form and return it to me via email ( by Wednesday, September 21

I know what you’re saying right about now – “This seems like a lot of work. Why should I bother?”

First of all, we promise that it’s not a lot of work. The answers to all of these questions can be found very easily on every one of the Sponsors sites. We didn’t come up with questions that will require a deep search – pretty much everything is 1 click away, at most.

Second, there are prizes! Lots and lots of glorious prizes! There will be 13 winners in all – 8 people will win a $25 Amazon gift card, 4 people will win a $50 Amazon gift card, and 1 lucky individual will win a $100 Amazon gift card! Everyone who successfully completes and returns a CMEpalooza Bingo!! card to me by the deadline will be entered in our random drawing for these prizes. If we get a lot of entries, we may even do the drawing live via Google Hangout. We’ll see.

Now back to my fine-tuning my fantasy football roster for week 1.

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