Good News for the Left Behind

BREAKING NEWS! The Alliance 2017 Annual Meeting is coming up in a few days! (Yes, I’m mocking CNN who uses the “Breaking News” chyron like it’s a name badge.) I imagine a good amount of you reading this are planning to head out to San Fran for the conference, but a fair amount of you will be staying at home (yeesh, what a great observation by me. “Some of you are going and some of you aren’t.” Brilliant. This is the type of insightful analysis the CMEpalooza blog has become famous for. I should have made Scott write this post. I need more coffee.)

Hey, I get it. We can’t all go the conference every year, and it’s expensive to send an entire staff. I didn’t go last year. Here’s a picture of me thinking about all my friends at the conference while I stayed home:


But I come with good news! Oh yes, it’s very exciting times here at CMEpalooza HQ. So exciting that Scott jumped up and danced a little jig (it was…not great.) That’s right, folks — the CMEpalooza archive has been updated! Woooooo!!!


Fine. It might not be that exciting, but it is a nice resource. I added all the sessions from CMEpalooza Fall 2016 to the archive and we now have over 60 sessions in 11 different categories for your viewing pleasure (side note: they are free). So, while your boss is away at the Alliance conference during your free time, pop on over to the archive and check out some of the sessions you may have missed. Interested in learning more about evaluation and outcomes? We have 18 sessions in our Outcomes section. If you watch them all, we’ll give you our special Master of Outcomes sash, which you will be required to wear around the office and everyone has to refer to you as “The Outcomes Master.”

“Hey, do you have any suggestions for improving our evaluation response rates?”

“Beats me. Let’s ask The Outcomes Master.”

“You mean Larry?”

“That’s his old name.”

And there’s lots of other topics to browse through. Check it out!

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