CMEpalooza Spring Agenda: Voting Results (Duck!)

Another election fraught with suspense is complete. And unlike some of our democracy’s more recent transitions that were accompanied by a consensus of love and unity, this one is unfortunately likely to be fraught with hand-wringing and controversy. That’s just what happens when you have so many worthy ideas that get left behind.

This is the first year where we’re releasing the full voting results from our Spring process. Because there were no names attached to any of the proposals (and some — including the overall laggard — came directly from Derek or I), we’re hoping that no one’s personal feelings are hurt and that our overall audience can see just how close some of these votes were.

When our Polling Stations locked their doors last Friday night, 222 ballots had been cast, far exceeding Derek’s prediction of “2” and even slightly bettering my more rosy expectation of “200.”

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the CMEpalooza democracy to chime in.

We understand that your favorite candidates likely didn’t all win, and we sympathize with you. Our interns have been instructed to stay as late as they need to tonight and every other night this month taking calls from angry voters. We promise that your concerns will be heard.

With that, here are the results (winning sessions are in BOLD):

Incorporating Cost-Effective Creativity Into Outcomes Design – 24.9%
What is Data Visualization, and How Can I Apply It to CME Activities? – 40.7%
Project Outcomes – 34.4%

An External Perspective on Educational Design in Adult Learning – 14.0%
Does Innovation in Educational Design Truly Make a Difference – 39.5%
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Learning Preferences of Healthcare Professionals – 46.5%

Celebrating Our Mistakes: A Retrospective Analysis of “What Went Wrong” – 42.1%
Taking an Innovation Risk – 34.2%
Everyone’s Favorite Character: The Disgruntled Faculty Member – 23.8%

Eliminate the BS in Outcomes Reports and Get to the Point – 23.2%
The Complaint Desk – 35%
Two Scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Please – 41.9%

Achieving Accreditation with Commendation: It May be Easier Than You Think – 29.2%
Is That Compliant? Celebrating Fact from Fiction in Accredited CME – 49.7%
CME/CNE/CPE/CPD: Is There Really a Difference – 21.0%

Networking with the Best of Them: How to Make Friends and Influence People – 41.5%
A Primer for the Independent Medical Education Industry – 21.7%
The Million Person CME March – 36.7%

So now what? Derek and I will be retiring to our CMEpalooza South headquarters in the newly-refurbished Del Boca Vista luxury condominium complex and inviting potential moderators to meet with us and convince that they are responsible enough to take on the necessary duties. We expect the recruitment process to take only a few days, at which time we’ll be able to release the official times and faculty lists for each session.

In the meantime, we’ll wait for another Saturday Night Live parody of our crew. I have to admit that Bette Midler does a great Derek.

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