CMEpalooza Spotlight: Drawing Alert!

Somewhere in the not-so-fine print of the CMEpalooza 2017 Sponsorship prospectus is this little wrinkle, “NEW IN 2017: All silver sponsors receive an entry in our drawing for a FREE CMEpalooza Company Spotlight.” 

Honestly, part of me included this because I feel bad for Derek. CMEpalooza Spotlight was his baby way back in the infancy of CMEpalooza, and it simply never caught on. But there is also a part of me who thought that it was actually a pretty interesting idea that shouldn’t just die on the vine.

In June 2015, we had one 30-minute pilot broadcast with Educational Measures that was well attended and I thought was pretty darn interesting, but poof, no one signed up for another. As with many innovations, CMEpalooza Spotlight appears to need a little push to get it rolling downhill, which is why we added that little perk to our higher tiers of sponsorship this year.

We’ll be holding our CMEpalooza Spring Company Spotlight drawing on Monday (held in an über secret location that will probably be leaked to the media by one of our disgruntled interns in an hour or so). Consider this a final reminder to any organizations on the fence about a premium sponsorship – if you want in, you need to let us know ASAP if you want to qualify for this drawing. We currently have 2 Gold sponsors and 4 Silver sponsors for our Spring event, which leaves room for 2 more Silver sponsors.

Once we have selected a winner in our random drawing, we’ll start putting the wheels in motion for the Spotlight broadcast itself and provide everyone with more details.

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