Roll Out the Reddish Carpet on April 12

One of the (many) perks of being a higher tier CMEpalooza sponsor is the special add-ons we offer throughout the year. This year, we decided to up the ante by throwing all of our Silver and Gold sponsors into a pile to select the winner of a complimentary CMEpalooza Company Spotlight this Spring (there will be another drawing before the Fall meeting). The winner, as we announced a few weeks ago, was Global Academy for Medical Education.

After a flurry of intense meetings and negotiations, we settled on noon ET on Wednesday, April 12 for the live broadcast.

So what exactly will be happening during this 30-minute pre-Palooza session?

Certainly, you’ll learn a little about Global Academy for Medical Education, but these Spotlight sessions are primarily designed to showcase how different organizations approach challenges in CME in unique ways that are applicable throughout our industry. This is not going to be mindless drivel where we go through the catalog of activities available on the Global Academy for Medical Education website – that would serve no one’s interests.

Instead, during this Company Spotlight you’ll learn about how to build learner and faculty loyalty to your education, when and why to build external partnerships to strengthen your education, and how to identify and leverage what is unique about your organization to benefit your overall educational program.

As with all of our regular CMEpalooza sessions, there will be ample opportunities to ask probing questions of our panelists. We hope you’ll join us.


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