CMEpalooza Haiku

I thought about not doing CMEpalooza Haiku this time, but it’s Scott’s favorite recurring post and he begged and begged me to do it again. I hate to disappoint the guy, so here again are summaries of each CMEpalooza Spring session in haiku. Enjoy!

april the nineteenth
cmepalooza spring
here we go again

best learning formats?
you’ll find out at ten a.m.
from the horse’s mouth

cookie dough is good
just like your programs should be
the worst: vanilla

one, two, and three A’s
forays into the four A’s
five is one too much

if the word “network”
causes you fear and loathing
this session’s for you

what is “data viz?”
not sure, but you’re a poet
and might not know it

such a foggy world
is CME compliance
here is clarity

the day’s last session
a mistake celebration
so perfect for scott

don’t forget to watch
the GAME Company Spotlight
it’s today at noon

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