Take Our Survey and I’ll Stop Bugging You

Alternative titles for this blog post that were left on the cutting room floor:

  • Take Our Survey And Express Your Disappointment That You Didn’t Get to See a Repeat of Me Freaking Out Due to My Laptop Spontaneously Shutting Down Again
  • Take Our Survey So You Can Tell Us How Much You Liked Our Collared Shirts
  • Take Our Survey or Else Scott Will Drive to Your House and Throw Pebbles at Your Window Until You Take It
  • Take Our Survey or Else I Will Drive to Your House and Stand Outside Your Window Holding a Boombox Over My Head Playing “In Your Eyes” Like John Cusack in Say Anything

Anyways, if you happened to watch any of the CMEpalooza sessions last week, please take our quick survey. It’s super-helpful to us to help plan future iterations of our event and gives us a little bit better idea of how many people watched. Here’s the link:


And to the person who responded to our survey and requested an evaluation to rate all the sessions: No.

Oh, and if you weren’t able to join us live, all the sessions are archived on the Spring agenda page. Enjoy!

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