The Big Reveal: 2017 CMEpalooza Fall Agenda

There is a reason you don’t hear much from Derek and I in the immediate months after each of our CMEpalooza broadcasts.

We’re mentally exhausted.

Let’s face it, there is only so much patience you have for your little annoying brother who keeps pestering you every day for weeks and weeks about some excruciating minutiae (and yes, in this parable, Derek is the annoying little brother, even though he is older than me). We both just need a break from each other, from the blog, and from thinking about CMEpalooza.

So we take our requisite tropical island vacations (wait, New Jersey’s Long Beach Island isn’t tropical?) to recharge our batteries and let the ideas start to simmer for the next event.

And boy did they bubble over this time.

Today, we proudly present the agenda for CMEpalooza Fall, packed chock full of 7 hours of interesting and unique sessions sure to pique your interest.

We’re got Graham McMahon from the ACCME joining us for the first time. We’ve got advice columnists, breakers of myths, a 3-act performance. We’ve even got a session about Donald Trump (yikes).

It’s seriously a lot of really interesting stuff, and I’m not just saying that because Derek and I have spent the last month lining up faculty and solidifying the session schedule. We’re going to be asking our devoted fans (that’s you) for some help, and soon, in providing material for us to maximize the impact of some of these sessions, but for now, feel free to admire the educational bounty that will be provided for you on Wednesday, October 18. And mark your calendars, if you haven’t already.

Click here to view the CMEpalooza Fall agenda 

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