Your CMEpalooza Pursuit Winners

Another record-setting number of entries for our sponsor event, CMEpalooza Pursuit, this spring.

Due to the overwhelming response, we invited dignitaries from many exotic and far-flung lands — like New Jersey — to attend our prize drawing. People bundled up in the frigid weather to participate in our festivities, which included a t-shirt cannon, an appearance by Christian Slater, and Derek leading the crowd in a rousing rendition of “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore.” It was quite the spectacle.

Here are the lucky few who emerged as winners in our prize drawing this year (it was apparently helpful to be named Amanda):

  • Grand Prize winner ($100 Amazon gift card) — Jill Hays, Primary Care Network
  • Second Prize winners ($50 Amazon gift cards) — Jesse Steltzriede, ASCO; Audrie Tornow, Paradigm Medical Communications; Amanda Kaczerski, ACHL; Edeline Mitton, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
  • Third Prize winners $$25 Amazon gift cards) — Joanne Wise, University at Albany School of Public Health; Whitney Smalley-Freed, Precise Medical Writing; Greg Paladino, ACHL; Amanda Glazar, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine; Amanda Jamrogiewicz, Cardiometabolic Health Congress; Allyson Baer, ASCO; Caroline Pardo, Prime Education; Kristi English, MD Anderson

Now you know who to hit up for a loan.

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