Last Chance to Play CMEpalooza Pursuit is Today!

For all of you procrastinators out there, a final reminder that the entry forms for CMEpalooza Pursuit, our blockbuster sponsor event, are due by 11:59 p.m. ET tonight (Wednesday, April 4).

I don’t have to remind you what’s at stake… but I will anyway. We’re giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards as prizes – there will be 13 winners of between $25-100. And that’s right Johnny, you could be one of them!

Here is what real people are saying about CMEpalooza Pursuit:

  • “I love these Pursuits – I learn so much about the different organizations that I normally wouldn’t take the time to learn.”
  • “Genius idea! Truly brilliant.”
  • “Let your sponsors know it works – I spent more time than intended poring over their website info!”

Here is what celebrities might be saying about CMEpalooza Pursuit (we’re currently confirming):

  • “I found out I was fired in a tweet last week. The only thing that cheered me up was the chance to play CMEpalooza Pursuit. Now I’m 400 pages into my tell-all book about the White House. Thanks for giving me motivation!”
  • “The Queen Mother keeps insisting that Meghan and I personally meet with every single vendor who will be working at our wedding. Enough with the florists already! I tell them that I’m doing research on the proper hue of calla lilies, but I’m really playing CMEpalooza Pursuit. A toast to you all!”
  • “Since my recent eye surgery has me laid up in the hospital thanks to my clumsy teammate, I’ve been playing CMEpalooza Pursuit for hours. Rihanna better be impressed!”

See, everyone loves CMEpalooza Pursuit! Surely you can carve out a few minutes during today’s lunch break to join the in-crowd.

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