CMEpalooza Pursuit: Trivia Ahead of Its Time

Trivia is trendy these days.

It seems like I get a text every month from a friend inviting me to sign up for one of the numerous live trivia games you can now play on your phone. Far as I can tell, the concept behind them all is similar – you answer a series of trivia questions of varying difficulty (ranging from “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?” to “Who was the undertaker who dug the hole for Grant’s Tomb?”) in a certain amount of time and then, if you get them all right, you win a nominal amount of money. I occasionally play some of these games with limited success – it’s apparently a great time suck in many offices around the world.

As usual, our intern wizards were ahead of the curve when they suggested we develop a trivia-based CMEpalooza sponsor event several years ago. Just like today’s trendy copycats — lawsuits are pending — you are presented with a variety of questions related to the brilliant companies who sponsor CMEpalooza and then, when you answer them all correctly, you win money. Lots and lots of money (for reals, yo).

Today, we are proud to launch our Spring sponsor event, CMEpalooza Pursuit. As the name suggests, this is an adaptation of everyone’s pie-filled favorite, Trivial Pursuit. This year, we have divided questions into 7 categories – the 6 original game categories as well as an extra Potpourri category. With 20 sponsors of our Spring event, there were simply too many to try to jam in to the traditional boxes. Plus, extra learning for you!

Here is how CMEpalooza Pursuit works:

  1. Click here to download the list of questions
  2. Click here to download the entry form
  3. Use the Sponsor tab of the CMEpalooza website to get links to all of the companies involved in this event. You’ll need to visit the Sponsor sites to get the answers to all of our questions. We promise there is nothing that can’t be found within a click or two.
  4. Complete the entry form by coming up with a correct response to one question in each category. That’s seven questions/answers in all. Now, we have had some brown nosers who have tried in the past to answer more than the required amount of questions, which is fine. It just won’t help you win.
  5. Send your completed entry form to me via email at by 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 4.
  6. Cross your fingers.

We’ll be giving away $500 in Amazon gift cards this Spring – there will be 8 winners of $25, 4 winners of $50, and 1 grand prize winner of $100. Unlike some of the more mainstream trivia apps, there aren’t thousands of people expected to complete CMEpalooza Pursuit. If you play, your chances are reasonably good of winning a prize (no promises though).


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