Haiku Me Baby One More Time: It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!

palooza haiku
back for at least one more time
but probably more

coming up next week
cmepalooza fall
online and awesome

9 AM ET – The Case of the Rejected Grant Request: A CMEpalooza Whodunit

you like mysteries?
here’s one: the case of the
missing syllable

10 AM ET – Surviving 2020: How COVID-19 and Social Justice Issues Impact the Health of Under-Represented Communities

this stellar panel
will help you survive the year
no murder hornets

11 AM ET – The 5-Year 5-Month Plan

five year predictions
will be as successful as
a fork stirring soup

Noon ET – Industry Updates & Supporter Positioning: Building Long-term Competencies, Agility, & Resilience

oh to be a fly
on the IACE meeting wall
this is your one shot

1 PM ET – The CME Dictionary

goal: define words like
needs assessment, spaced learning
terms of endearment

2 PM ET – Program Managers: We Get the Job Done!

when the going gets
tough the tough stop and call a
program manager

3 PM ET – The CE Report Card: Rating the Industry Performance in a Virtual World

hey, how you doin’
asked joey tribbiani
these guys will tell us

4 PM ET – CME Pop Trivia

pop goes trivia
because trivia goes pop
and CME too


three precious metals
but if you want a haiku
it’s gold or silver


PER translates
science of medicine to
art of patient care

a better poet
would rhyme john ruggiero with

president tim hayes
Academic CME
four time gold sponsor


Projects in Knowledge
is a much better name than
Ignorance Projects

PlatformQ is not
the same as AvenueQ
there are no puppets

If you like pina
and love the rain
write me and Medscape

hey-o Healio
a silver sponsor this year
very coolio

what did the shopper
say to the supermarket
Haymarket…get it?

when two become one
back for more haiku

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