Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Among the many, many things I miss about the pre-Covid era is my lunch hour. Living in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, there were loads of great options I could either walk or drive to within a very short distance. Most days, I would block off 60-90 minutes (yes, I work for myself and can take as long as I please), sit down and enjoy my daily bounty. It was honestly one of my favorite moments of each day.

Now, well, it’s OK. Some of my previous favorite haunts never reopened for lunch takeout. Some serve food that simply doesn’t travel well. So out of my usual rotation of 7-to-10 really good options, I’m down to 4 or 5. It’s unquestionably getting a bit boring.

In an effort to try to spice up the lunch hour of our CMEpalooza groupies, Derek came up with what I thought was one of his brainier ideas back in the summertime (note from Derek: there are so many to choose from!). He had apparently been on some sort of call featuring someone from GrubHub and was intrigued by a program they had whereby you could provide limited-use gift cards for individuals attending a virtual event. Essentially, they are provided with a code to use to order lunch through GrubHub only during specified hours. Based on this program, we added a “Feed the People” option to our menu of sponsorship opportunities for the fall, and Derek even wrote a blog post about it last month.

And… crickets.

It certainly appeared, sadly, that Feed the People was going to hit the CMEpalooza graveyard along with other ideas we’d trotted out over the years.

But, “Aha!, Not so fast my friends!” A savior arrived earlier this week to appease the appetites of the masses.

Yes, the fine folks at FreeCME have graciously agreed to serve as the sponsor for our Feed the People initiative, providing solace to the grumbling CME tummies around the United States (sorry for anyone overseas, but you’ll just have to forage for your own food this year).

So who wants a free lunch next Wednesday?

If you are saying, “Yeah, free lunch sounds good,” just click here to give us your name and email address. On the day before CMEpalooza, we’ll send the first 25 respondents a $15 GrubHub gift card to use to order lunch during our live broadcast on Wednesday. That way, you don’t have to miss a second of the amazing content we have in store for everyone. Just be sure to put a napkin over your keyboard so you don’t spill any of that sriracha mayo between the “D” and “F” keys.

2 thoughts on “Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

  1. I completed the form, but when I searched Grubhub I get “Sorry, no delivery results found near you.” So if I was one of the first 25, you can delete my entry.
    Thanks for offering, this is a great idea.

    Sandy Mardant
    Director of Continuing Education

    1. Oh, bummer. I honestly don’t really know the geographic penetration for Grubhub. In my urban bubble, I suppose I simply assumed they were available everywhere! Thanks for letting me know I was wrong, Sandy.

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