Good Job



Yes, you, reading this CMEpalooza blog post.

I want to tell you something.

It’s something very important, that we all need to hear.

Good job.

That’s it.

Just…good job.

It’s been a weird year.

It’s been a hard year.

Harder for some than for others.

But hard for us all.

There are days when work is hard.

And communicating is hard.

And parenting is hard.

And living alone is hard.

And getting out of bed is hard.

And doing anything is hard.

And that’s ok.

We all feel like that sometimes.

But here you are.

Reading this.

And that alone is something.

You made it this far.

And that’s great.

Good job.

3 thoughts on “Good Job

  1. Good morning,

    Thank you! I really needed that. You guys are amazing and thank you for what you do for us.
    I hope you have a great rest of 2021.


    Jen Cabrera
    TACME Past President

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