The Loyal-est of the Loyal


It’s a powerful yet complicated concept. You are loyal to a family member, a friend, a partner, or even, I suppose, a pet (sorry, I’m not an animal person). In business, you are loyal to your company or your boss or your co-workers. I know, it’s kind of a dying concept.

To me, loyalty means that you can count on someone, that they will be there to support you and carry their weight, and they won’t just say, “Sorry, you are on your own.” Loyalty is one of the most valuable qualities someone can have.

At least according to Hollywood, the mafia is big on loyalty. Once you become part of “the family,” you take an oath of loyalty. If you break that oath, well, better get fitted for a pair of concrete shoes.

As we head into our eighth year of CMEpalooza, I figured it was a good time to look at just how loyal the CME community has been to CMEpalooza. I’m not talking about your individual loyalty. I have no doubt that many of you have read every single blog post and watched every single session since Derek trotted out the concept for CMEpalooza in the spring of 2014, but since we don’t track our readers and there is no formal registration for our events, we can’t tell how many of you get a gold star. You have our permission to put one on if you want to feel special.

What we can track is the loyalty of our sponsors. Since we began accepting corporate sponsors for CMEpalooza in the fall of 2014, there have been 66 different organizations who have sponsored at least one ‘palooza. That alone is a pretty astounding number. But what is perhaps even more astounding is the loyalty that most of these organizations have shown to us. Of the 66 sponsoring organizations, only 11 have been “concrete boot” sponsors, latching themselves onto CMEpalooza like a pesky barnacle for just one event before sinking to the bottom of the sea. Some of those companies either folded, were gobbled up by a larger organizations, or simply lost our email address. It happens.

While we will, of course, be holding our special sponsor event in a few weeks for those 24 companies (and counting) who have already signed up as sponsors for our 2021 Spring meeting. (SPECIAL REMINDER: Yes, you can still sign up for a sponsorship. All of the information is in our Sponsor Prospectus), today, we want to celebrate those organizations who have shown loyalty to us over the years. We want to honor your faith, trust, and belief in CMEpalooza. Today, we celebrate your loyalty.

THE PRINCES OF LOYALTY (sponsoring >50% of CMEpaloozas)

THE QUEENS OF LOYALTY (sponsoring >75% of CMEpaloozas)

THE KING OF LOYALTY (sponsoring every single CMEpalooza)


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