CMEpalooza Flash Mob!!: Gold Sponsors

As described on the blog earlier in the week, we’re rolling out a new Sponsor event this spring based on the “flash mob” concept. It’s called, in a touch of creative genius, CMEpalooza Flash Mob!!

We’re starting today with the Gold sponsors of CMEpalooza Spring. It’s now officially noon ET/9 am PT. You have 2 hours to complete today’s entry, meaning that the entry form will close at 2 pm ET/11 am PT. I was going to limit this to 1 hour, but I know we’re all busy and there is only so much time each day that the boss will let us dilly dally, even if we are all working from home.

There are only three Gold sponsors so this particular quiz should not take you much time to complete.

Here is how you play:

  1. Click on this link to access today’s entry form
  2. Call up our Sponsor tab in a different window – you’ll need the links on here to visit our Gold sponsors
  3. All of the answers to today’s questions can be found within 1 or 2 clicks on each sponsor site. We didn’t choose any questions that were so obscure as to require excessive digging.
  4. When you are done and satisfied with your answers, hit the submit button
  5. If you got every question right, you will be entered into our prize drawing at the end of the week, where you can win a $100 Amazon gift card (we’re giving away five of them)

That’s all there is to it. Good luck everyone. And… go!!




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