A New Sponsor Event: CMEpalooza Flash Mob!!

A few years ago, flash mobs were a big thing. They were goofy but usually fun. Basically, a group of people would congregate somewhere unannounced and have an impromptu performance or just do something random. Here in Philadelphia, the city’s opera company did a bunch of flash mobs at the Reading Terminal Market. Other cities had flash mob pillow fights. You can go down the YouTube rabbit hole and find all kinds of stuff.

Yet as with everything trendy, the day of the flash mob came and went. It’s been maybe 5-6 years since I remember hearing anything about them. But you should know better than to think that would stop the CMEpalooza train. Being that Derek and I are always on the tail end of every trend (Derek has started wearing his clothes backward again like his boyhood heroes, Kris Kross), we’re bringing the flash mob back, baby!

That’s right people, it’s time for a brand new sponsor event that we are calling CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! This is your chance to learn about all of the brilliant sponsors of CMEpalooza Spring with the possibility of winning loads and loads of cash.

Here is how this is going to work:

  1. On each of the next three days (Tuesday, March 2 through Thursday, March 4), we’ll make an announcement that “Today’s CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! has begun.” Tuesday will be for our gold sponsors, Wednesday for our silver sponsors, and Thursday for our bronze sponsors. The announcement will go out through our blog as well as social media (@thecmeguy or @medcasewriter on Twitter or via our LinkedIn profiles).
  2. You will have a limited amount of time to complete that day’s entry form online. We’ll give you 1 hour for the Gold sponsors, 2 hours for the Silver sponsors, and a generous 4 hours for the Bronze sponsors. We’ll even set the completion bar a bit lower as the days go on and the number of sponsors in each category increase. We won’t tell you when each day’s Flash Mob!! will begin, but we’re not so cruel as to do it at a random time in the middle of the night. We’ll be reasonable.
  3. Each day you successfully complete the online form, you will earn you one entry into our prize drawing. There will be five winners announced at the end of the week, each of whom will win a $100 Amazon gift card. With that kind of scratch, you could decorate your bedroom like Derek by purchasing one of these and still have plenty of money left over.

So bookmark the CMEpalooza homepage (or just subscribe to our blog), give Derek and I a follow on social media, and prepare to dig in.

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