CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! Winners

In a grand ceremony that included balloon animals, cotton candy, and carnival rides galore (my living room is a mess), on Friday we announced the winners of last week’s CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! sponsor event. Derek has asked that I present the winners in the style of an NBA public address announcers, so here goes nothing.

  • From the College of Charleston, the Annenberg Assassin, No. 19, Melisssssaaaa Ketchum (Melissa is the Director of Continuing Education at Annenberg Center for Health Sciences)
  • From Capella University, the Crooning CMEer, No. 31, Jessssssse Henrrrrrry (Jesse is a Consultant Learning at OhioHealth)
  • From Rutgers University, the Freelance Firebomber, No. 00, Suzanne Buuu-jjjjara (Suzanne is a Freelance Medical Writer)
  • From Grove City College, the Queen of Numbers, No. 3.1415, Annette Schwindddddd (Annette is the Director of Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation at Haymarket Medical Education)
  • From the University of Texas, the Southern Belle, No. 12, Stephanieeeeee Stagggggggs (Stephanie is a Program Coordinator at Texas A&M University College of Medicine)

Each of these lucky folks won a $100 Amazon gift card for their efforts. Maybe they can use that money to erase the memory of my butchering their names here to satisfy Derek.

For anyone interested in seeing the full list of CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! questions and answers, just click here. I will admit that there was one small hiccup with the Silver sponsor competition where a question changed on the fly (basically, in the 48 hours between the time I wrote the question and launched the competition, the provider took down the activity I was referencing from their website as it had expired for credit. Whoopsies). Everyone who threw up their arms and said, “I have no idea” got full credit for that one.


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