Birth of a Salesman

Periodically during the summer, my son sets up a lime-aid stand (not a lemonade stand!) outside our city rowhome. We are in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic so sales are generally rather brisk.

We have our standard protocol well set by now – I serve as the cheap (very cheap!) labor in the kitchen squeezing the limes, mixing up the ingredients, putting out the cups, etc. while he handles sales out front. People are generally rather generous – we charge $2 per cup ($3 for two cups – learning the value of bulk sales), but I would say more than 50% of our customers gladly pay double or more as a bonus. It’s a pretty easy, sweet gig for a 10-year-old.

I don’t mind being the brawn behind the sales – in fact, I rather like it that way. I’d rather be the doer in the background while letting someone else handle the schmoozing and chit chatting with potential customers. That’s never been something I terribly enjoy.

And yet, here we are in Year 7 of CMEpalooza and I am still the one regularly responsible for drumming up interest in our sponsorships. Why is that, you ask? Well, perhaps because while I would rather be the behind-the-scenes guy, Derek would rather be the way-way-behind-the-scenes guy. So I stepped up out of necessity (note from Derek: You’re doing a great job, buddy!)

Quite frankly, it’s gotten easier and easier over the years to attract sponsors to CMEpalooza. Whether it’s the affordability, the value, or simply the fact that we’re such a likable duo, we tend to get a barrage of companies who rush towards us with fistfuls of cash to lock in our sponsorship packages when they are announced in the spring. You can check out our Sponsor page to see all of the companies who have already latched on for CMEpalooza Fall.

But what about you over there, you who chose to wait or simply forgot to lock in a sponsorship package in the spring? Well, I’ll be honest – there isn’t a lot left. But we have gotten creative in adding a few new opportunities for the Fall that you can read about in our Updated Sponsor Prospectus. You’ll learn about things like CMEpalooza King for a Day, CMEPalooza 5 Questions With…, and some other goodies. And hey, we’ve always got our most popular standby with our Bronze sponsorships, which is essentially an entry-level gig – we take as many of those as people want.

Sound interesting? Just shoot me an email with the subject line of “CMEpalooza Top Salesman Alert” or something else that is aimed at the Willy Loman in me and give me an idea of what you’re interested for. I promise to get back to you within 12 hours – I mean, if you send the email at 1 am, it’s going to wait until morning.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you need to add a tip to any sponsorship, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you don’t need to add a tip to any sponsorship either. You do you.

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