Who Wants to Trivia? Part III

We’ve reached that time of CMEpalooza prep where I make my appeal to everyone to stick around for the last session of the day, our third iteration of CE Pop Trivia, at 4 pm ET on October 13. Why? Because it’s fun! And because our host doesn’t have skeletons in his closet from old podcasts that will get him fired! (Note from Scott: You better be sure about that)

For this version of CE Pop Trivia, we have four amazingly qualified Question Masters who will be focusing their questions on the new Standards for INtegrity and iNdependence IN Accredited Continuing Education, better known as SINNIN’ ACE. They–…hold on a second…

OK, I am being told that the new Standards are not better known as SINNIN’ ACE and that there is not a new acronym to replace the old SCS. Huh. That’s too bad as I think SINNIN’ ACE is sort of catchy and even kind of appropriate on a certain level. I will try to overcome my disappointment and carry on.

Though we had a very nice turnout for CE Pop Trivia I & II (did I mention there are prizes? There are prizes. Amazon gift cards in various denominations), I feel compelled to once again urge everyone to attend due to the view that some may take that a trivia session focused on the new Standards might be…boring (gasp!) To those who think that, I offer one response: How dare you!

I also offer as evidence of the non-boring nature of CE Pop Trivia III, a list of the Top 5 Things Definitely More Boring Than a Trivia Contest on the SINNIN’ ACE Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education (Yes, another list. This blog will soon just be me making lists of my favorite and least favorite things. It’s my ultimate goal. No one tell Scott.) (Note from Scott: Mum’s the word. I never read your dreck anyway)

5. Vanilla ice cream. In a world where flavors such as Chubby Hubby and Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! exist, who would choose plain vanilla? Boring people, that’s who.

4. Pong. The first time I ever played Pong was at my friend Brian’s house in Sebring, FL, and I thought it was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen. After about 15 minutes, the novelty of “hitting” a slow-moving square “ball” with a rectangular “racket” wore off, and I was ready to go shoot hoops again.

3. A Smash Mouth concert. Sure, everyone is having a great time when they kick-off with All-Star. There’s even a cheer of recognition when the opening notes of Walkin’ on the Sun start. But then they launch into a cover of I’m a Believer, and you realize you don’t know any other songs they play. It’s all downhill from there.

2. Any Episode of Dukes of Hazzard without Bo and Luke. A shameful period in television history. Let us never again speak of Coy and Vance Duke.

1. A PowerPoint presentation on the new Standards. Seriously, who wants to sit through that? A much better option is to join us for CE Pop Trivia III on October 13!

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