Our New Sponsor Event: Cluedo Palooza

It’s one of those things that always made me scratch my head but never quite piqued my curiosity enough to research the answer. Why is the board game Clue called Cluedo in the United Kingdom? Is “clue” not an actual word across the pond? I’m pretty sure it is – Sherlock Holmes would sound pretty stupid telling Watson, “Aha, a cluedo!”

Alas, the explanation was not quite as interesting as I had hoped but still doesn’t make a ton of sense. The game was actually first called “Murder!” when it was developed in the 1940s but then morphed into Cluedo, which is a combination of the word “clue” with the word “ludo” (it means “I play” in Latin). But then shouldn’t it have been called Cludo? I mean, you are mushing the “lu” so why keep the “e”? OK, I’m overthinking this.

Anyway, while I liked the board game Clue, I loved the ’80s movie. For all the Millennials out there, no, I’m not talking about the Alicia Silverstone vehicle, “Clueless,” but rather the Martin Mull/Tim Curry masterpiece from the mid-80s.


I used both the board game and movie as inspiration for our CMEpalooza Fall sponsor event, which is creatively called Cluedo Palooza. You see, it takes the word Cluedo and combines it with the second part of CMEpalooza. I know, super creative.

There weren’t enough characters/weapons/rooms in the Clue board game to cover all of the CMEpalooza sponsors, so I pulled a few from the movie to fill everything out.

As with all of our special sponsor events, Cluedo Palooza is a competition where you can win real cash prizes. We’ll be giving out five (5) $100 Amazon gift cards to our winners this fall.

Here is how Cluedo Palooza works:

  1. Click here to download the list of forms you will need to play, both the questions and the answer form
  2. Use the Sponsor tab of the CMEpalooza website to get links to all of the entities involved in this event. You’ll need to visit the Sponsor sites to get the answers to all of our questions. We promise there is nothing that can’t be found within a click or two.
  3. Complete the entry form by coming up with a correct response to three Character questions, two Weapon questions, and two Room questions.
  4. Added bonus this year — you can enter up to three times, as long as you select different sponsors for each entry.
  5. Send your completed entry form to me via email at scott@medcasewriter.com by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, October 1.
  6. Watch Clue: The Movie

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