Haiku It That Way: It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!

if new to the blog
we do this each palooza
preview in haiku

believe when I say
as the backstreet boys once sang
haiku it that way

coming next wednesday
CMEpalooza fall
you can watch it here

9 AM ET — Breakfast Session

a breakfast session
shrouded in deep mystery
all revealed at nine

10 AM ET — How CME Saved the World

not hyperbole
and not all heroes wear capes
but more work remains

11 AM ET — Hands On Outcomes: What to Do With Data

my dream has come true
heavy metal outcomes for
those about to rock

Noon ET — Needs Assessment Makeover

do you struggle with
shameful gauche needs assessments?
try this makeover

1 PM ET — What’s My Line? The CMEpalooza Edition

to do what they do
this crew will review for you
how you can do too

2 PM ET — So You Think You Can (Support) Grants?

do you think it is
easier to dance or grants?
an easy answer

3 PM ET –Tech Tools for the CME Professional: Redux

attention luddites
if you loathe the cutting edge
avoid this session

4 PM ET — CE Pop Trivia III

it’s sweeping the globe
SINNIN’ ACE pop trivia
there will be prizes


if your greatest wish
is your very own haiku
sponsor palooza


leading MLG
Matthew Frese and Grzybowski
Andrew not Andy

to rephrase the words
from Johnny to Ponyboy
stay gold PER

Projects in Knowledge
founded in 1980
when I was seven


from ACHL
an excellent acronym
only first letters

they’re run by (Tim) Hayes
can they hit like Mays?

cross Hippocrates
with point-of-care CME
get epocrates

integrate CE
from Integrity CE
an integral plan

for PeerAudience
it is all about that base
M.D. database

there were just a few
who knew that poor PlatformQ
was last for haiku

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