They Cracked the Case: Your Cluedo Palooza Winners

Our sponsor events always bring out the Inspector Clouseau in the CME community, and this year was no different. We received thousands of entries (not really) and our interns spent the entire weekend filling out little slips of paper with the names of all of our successful entrants. These then went into one of those giant spinning Bingo baskets which spit out the names of the five winners.

Here they are – each $100 richer (in Amazon funds) thanks to, well, us.

  • Jess Henry, Consultant, Learning, OhioHealth Learning Continuing Medical Education
  • Simon Schrick-Senasac, Assistant Scientific Director, National Association For Continuing Education
  • Judith M. Orvos, Owner, Orvos Communications, LLC
  • Jackie Farley, Educational Projects Coordinator, University of Nebraska Medical Center Center for Continuing Education
  • Melissa Ketchum, Director, Continuing Education, Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower

For all of you wondering about the correct answers from our special event, here is the complete list of clues and solutions. Now don’t be shy congratulating the winners. You put in the effort, you get the reward.

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