CMEpalooza 2022: Dates and Abstract Submissions

(To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Will be back again next year
(Like Arbor Day!)
And if you want to watch it
You will need a laptop near
(Or a smart phone!)

None of the other meetings
Have an April 6 start date
(Like palooza!)
Also October 19
Write them down and don’t be late
(don’t make Scott mad!)

There’s one very special twist
For Palooza Spring
We need your help with this event
Submit an abstract to present

Then how people will love you
Scott and I will shout with glee
Will look great on your CV
(Like a PhD!)

Be sure to mark your calendars for CMEpalooza Spring 2022 on Wednesday, April 6 and CMEpalooza Fall 2022 on Wednesday, October 19. As mentioned (sung?) above, we will be accepting abstracts to present at CMEpalooza Spring. More details about the process to come later this week.

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